Customer Service Policy


This Customer Service Policy formalises our commitment to providing the best possible service to our customers.

The aims of our Customer Service Policy are to:


This policy and associated procedures apply to all directors, staff and contractors working for the organisation.


Fitness Tools Services Ltd prioritises the effective service of customers and the respectful handling of customer complaints.

Fitness Tools Services Ltd commits to the following principles and practices in customer service.

Friendly, professional customer interactions

We will:

Accurate and consistent information about goods and services

We take active measures to ensure that we:

Prompt and efficient services

So that we can improve our approach to customer service we:

Service Standards

The following service standards apply when communicating with customers:




Complaints Handling

The Fitness Tools Services Ltd complaints process is visible and accessible to staff. It is written in a way that management and staff can easily understand, using Plain English.

We acknowledge that the resolution of customer complaints is a key component of effective customer service.

Complaints handling process

We have the following procedures in place for handling complaints.

Initial complaint

Complaint resolution